Care & Use

Make sure you properly maintain your Ox Chop to ensure a healthy board.

Your Ox Chop was shipped with two care products that will extend the life of your board.  The first item is a 16 fl. oz. bottle of Ox Chop Board Oil that is used to condition your board after each use.   This product is made from food grade mineral oils and is safe for use on food contact surfaces.  This oil will penetrate the surface of your board to provide protection and ensure your Ox Chop maintains its color, character and its resistance to liquid absorption and other contaminations.

The second item is an 8 fl. oz. bottle of Ox Chop Board Wax. This product is a special formulation of food grade oils, natural scents, and refined beeswax.  It will seal the surface of your Ox Chop, preventing evaporation of the Ox Chop Board Oil and protecting the outer surface of your board between uses in your kitchen. 

A foam applicator is also included for applying oil and wax.


 A few helpful tips on how to use these products are as follows:

  • First Time use:
    • Prior to the first use of your new Ox Chop, we recommended you apply a coat of Ox Chop Board Wax to seal the surface. Apply liberally with a clean cloth, paper towel or the included foam applicator to all surfaces.  Allow the board to sit for an hour then remove the excess wax with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • After each Use:
    • Sanitize and clean your board after each use by wiping it with a dish towel and hot soapy water (wring out excess soapy water) followed by a diluted bleach solution (one teaspoon of bleach to a quart of water) or a mixture of 1 part to 5 parts dilution of vinegar in water.
    • Thoroughly dry the top, bottom and sides of your board.
    • After your board is dry, apply a liberal coat of Ox Chop Board Oil to all surfaces and allow the oil to soak into the wood grain. Then apply a coat of Ox Chop Board Wax to seal the surfaces following the directions above.  At a minimum, you must apply oil and/or wax when water or fluids no longer bead on the surface. Failure to properly care for your Ox Chop Cutting Board will void the warranty and may compromise usability.
  • Take care not to drop your Ox Chop on the end finger groove as it may be damaged or broken.
  • Never put your Ox Chop in the dishwasher, submerge in water or rinse under the faucet.
  • Do not use vegetable or olive oils to treat your board as they can become rancid.